INP Coatings

Powder Coating is the most exciting finishing method to be introduced in 100 years.

Established in 1997, inp coatings has become north Alabama’s powder coating headquarters. INP knew many years ago that powder coating would become the industry standard and over the last decade and a half, it has. the tremendous increase in environmentally safe and durable product finishes has resulted in our ability to offer the highest quality powder coating finishes available. INP has the knowledge, experience and products to meet all of your powder coating needs. come see why we are the standard in north alabama powder coating.

why choose powder coating instead of paint?

  • looks like paint
  • lasts longer
  • protective armor
  • resists
    • chips
    • abrasions
    • heat
    • weathering
    • corrosion
    • impact
  • environmentally safe
  • wide range of colors
  • bright
  • vibrate
  • textures available
  • glosses available
  • no runs
  • no drips
  • low error rate


If it is metal, we can coat it!

  • wide range of colors
  • wide range of textures
  • wide range of glosses
  • thermal coatings
  • production and custom jobs big and small
  • hard to mask parts
  • burn off capability
  • in house tooling
  • in house fabrication
  • responsive turn around time
  • parts up to 22 feet in length
  • parts up to 8 feet in width
  • fda and ffa approved
  • storage space available